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How To Build An Instagram Following Super–Faster For Branding

No doubt! Instagram is becoming another business network giant after Twitter and LinkedIn.

Every business, specially marketing area should check it once with an hope to rise like other businesses.

It is considered a new wave into river of social media with its huge user base of up to 400 million (active profiles). It may represent marketing with a new angle.

Almost 20% of the internet user have their active profiles on Instagram which means a lot of courage for any business to standout just by posting some relative images.
How To Build An Instagram Following Super–Faster For Branding
And the first ever thing which can lead a business to go at rapid growth is creating an Instagram following - to do so here I am going to share a quick way of creating following on next level social media app.

With more than 1 billion installs on Google play store Instagram is so popular, whatever their are many brands who couldn't generate leads using this simple yet wonderful platform.
In this guide you'll learn the secret souse to add in your Instagram profile to crack the deals just by posting an image.

Let's head over to main guide

1. Create an idea (the foot plan)

A strategy to start using Instagram for business is a key to your success.

See below screen shot of a fake account for iPhone7 and check its idea wit just 219 posts account is standing at 127K followers and the owner is asking for some help in description.
How To Build An Instagram Following Super–Faster For Branding
One should consider creating a plan or strategy to standout easily for getting more loyal followers.

You should try answering to these questions (read below):

1. Can Instagram grow your business?
    Make sure that you can grow your business using Instagram are not, means have some self-thought how Instagram can benefit you and how you can manage to use this platform your business idea.

For example: You are a web-designer, you can get more clients by uploading your recent work and portfolio as images with a link back to your services page and clients will follow - competitors will follow you too for spying on you and you can get a lot of  followers with this single strategy along increasing your brand awareness (if you've one).

2. What you want from Instagram?
    Are you want to showcase your work on Instagram, may you want to brand your service or you want real clients from using the platform? think for once and read more.

For example: If you are a finance officer or lawyer you may want more clients by showing your success stories and uploading professional images which inspire others with your personality and brand and it happens on Instagram.

3. What is the type of your clients?
    Whatever your service, product or brand is about - you've to find out that what type of audience you should target on Instagram. Doing this you can easily brand yourself or get targeted clients.

For example: Imagine that you are brand which is manufacturing next level VR (virtual reality) glasses or boxes, and you are targeting health related audience. Tell me this will work for you to sell your devices? Probably your answer is no.

That's why I am telling you that you've to know that what type of your clients and audience is to target real people for real work-flow.

2.  Start creating your profile

This step seems to be easy when you know how to present your company, service, yourself or your brand to online audience (especially when the target is Instagram).
How To Build An Instagram Following Super–Faster For Branding
As whenever a Instagram user found your news, image or any status he/she will defiantly visit your profile.

Here you have to be professional so you can have more loyal followers (they will share and engage with your posts).

Read this checklist to create an Instagram account PROFESSIONALY:

1. Profile image: Don't forget that every follower, user will see your profile image and first impression counts as last do. Do read below to know what you can do with profile image:
  • A profile image can be anything, but I recommend you to use LOGO of your blog/site or service and if you are branding yourself as an expert you can upload your own head shot.
2. Account Description: People want information about yourself or your business, they will read description right after looking at your professional profile image:
  • Add much information as you can and please people to follow you right after they've visited your profile. Add appealing content using some characters like , , ⇨, , ۩, ▲, ◛, ℠, ©, ®, ℗ more can be found here.
3. Have some followers before sharing your data: People usually follow other accounts which have much followers or at-least few (30 to 70) with showing engagement on your profile:
  • To have your presence on Instagram like other official and top level brands, you should ask your friends, family members and neighbors to follow you on Instagram, doing this you can have some followers showing engagement to gain more followers.

3. Have some recipes and type of them

Recipes makes a cook professional or dump out from kitchen.

If want to stay for a longer time and have great followers on Instagram who likes or your posts and share with others than yo u have to be a good enough cooker for bringing brand new recipes to your already willing consumers.

Check what you can have in an Instagram post:
  1. An image: Its essential as Instagram is all about images, people there love to see beautiful and high-class images with meanings to any trending or real thing.
  2. Description: In description area we can easily add any words to describe our image is about.
  3. Overlaying text: By using some free tools we can easily add over-lay text on our images to make them awesome.
  4. Mentions: With this Instagram we can mention other (celebrities or friends) in our posts.
  5. Hashtags: With hashtags we can target audience based on relative and trending hash tags such as #Branding and #Marketing.
  6. Emojis: Using emojis we can engage viewers of our Instagram posts and they'll have fun.
Don't forget these key-features of Instagram and make use of all of them to collaborate an awesome Instagram post which can boost your branding.

4. Do outreach

To make yourself professional and high at authority you should reach out to other influencers and tell them that you are on Instagram, follow them and ask for follow back.

Using Instagram Direct Message feature anyone can send DM to anyone privately.

It makes sense and people will see you as a pro in your industry, just do simple steps:
  1. Search trendy hashtags and click on one of them
  2. See how many professionals are Instagraming about that hashtag
  3. Open some profiles and when you see a professional shout-out your message, follow his/her profile.
Ask for follow back and write your expert areas in Direct Message.

5. Be an icon

Being an Icon is not that easy, but you can be one.
Britney Spears on Instagram
Just keep using Instagram for minimum 30 to 40 minutes a day and in night.

Post about your favorite topics, things and images in your industry, follow like minded people on daily basis.

Just make sure that you've a clean profile and the things you are posting about are somehow relative to your real work.

For an example:
  • If you are a Doctor than you must post about medical and health related topics, also you can post about fitness and yoga. But you can't post about finance and social medias as it will make your profile another crap in Instagram.
Be to the point and like only amazing posts on Instagram as they also impact on your readership.

Final sayings:

Joining and trying new things is cool and worth when you are in processes of having your brand in front of targeted people.

Instagram is a tool which can lead you to target the right audience for your business and it makes it easier with posting images to engage.

Wait and I'll give you more insights plus tips on Instagram. Thanks for reading.

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