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Branding: The Google Strategy Unveiled

As you all know that Google is a giant item of internet.

We all start exploring internet by using Google in morning to night, whatever we are willing to know we just type in Google search and we even got quick answer.

All because of us! Yes, Google is nothing but a big store having all the items its customers want to buy for free.

Yes! Almost 90% products of Google Inc. are free of cost such as YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, Google+ to name a few - and the search engine is totally free to use for any person, company or whatever you want to do.
Branding: The Google Strategy Unveiled
To tell you the real truth of Google behind its success I am here with this article and I'll describe real things here which makes Google to standout from competition.

Every brand have to be in a branding strategy or marketing idea with the funnel of creativeness.

Google uses the simple thing to make its home in its user's minds that will be described here.

First of all! Check Google's strategy to name its services

Famous services of Google and their brand strategy which helps Google gain more users, clients and trust of internet users.

1. Search engine: Google is no doubt got fame with its free to use search engine and its the first thing on internet that almost all the internet users use for exploring internet of things on daily basis.
  • Branding Strategy: Google uses the main name of company for its search engine service (Google Search Engine) and this is what people think that only Google is able to search all over internet which makes them so popular.
2. Gmail: An email service for Google clients and users to have their own email address with their favorite search engine for free.
  • Branding Strategy: Google uses its big G for mailing services which also makes email address owner to think about Google.
3. YouTube: A free video sharing platform bought by Google to deliver internet users a free to use and quality videos sharing platform, people also can earn money uploading their videos for free.
  • Branding Strategy: No logic, but you've to have an Google Adsense (Google's network for advertising) to earn money on YouTube and also a Gmail account to signup/sign-in.
4. Google+: Social media network by Google after failure of their first network - this is also a giant platform in the industry which makes Google users happy.
  • Branding Strategy: Vital thing in this Name and Service is they uses Google as their social media network just adding a simple + which makes network users to remember what Google is.
5. Blogger: Free of cost blogging platform with unlimited bandwidth and free sub-domain where you can start your own brand new blog for free without any ads or limitations.
  • When they bought this service people (bloggers) started to name it as Google Blogger and one who want to create a free blog have to signup using his/her Gmail address.
6. Analytics: Another free of cost service for web-masters to check their stats and work about websites.
  • They uses to name this service as Google Analytics and that is another reason we (bloggers) love to use Google.
The sum of all these names and services for branding strategy is they collaborated their services to work with another and user of any of these services will automatically visit Google's main service "Google Search Engine" which will gives the company the points to standout.

Why People Love Google Search Engine?

Because of its glorious looks and cleaner interface.

As you know people love to do things fast and faster than others do, they also wants to search their favorite things on internet as faster as possible with their data connection.

For this purpose almost entire world rely on Google search engine and some others such as Yandex or Bing.

But the main search engine of internet is Google (as people consider it).

Here is a list of things people love about Google's search engine:
  1. Design: Simplicity is the key to success whether you want to impress a girl or get more users on your site you should consider having simplicity in your mind as Google does. They use a clean and simple design for their search engine service just having a big Google logo and a search bar with two buttons to start searching anything on internet, and this is the first thing people love about Google.
  2. Layout: Again the part of web-design Google is cool at selecting layout views for their searchers. Now you don't have to mess with ads as they recently cleaned out layout for the page were they show search results by deleting out side bar ads. Now you can easily get top 10 search results one a clean page.
  3. Tools: They have many tools for their searchers and one of them is when you scroll down and you can see related searches so you can easily get more articles related to your searched topic (this is a cool thing people love about Google).
  4. All-In-One: Yes! Google search engine is a a-to-z search engine where anyone can search anything from articles to videos and from images to apps. This another good thing in a simple search engine which inspire people to use it.
  5. Voice: With Google's voice recognition mode one can easily handle search work just by asking Google with any voice command.

The secret behind Google's success

Nothing it's nothing we can call a secret for Google's success.

BUT! Google don't stick at one thing, it moves like our globe. For am example you can see its doodle program as they change main Logo with different styles for every occasion or festival which is famous in any country or respected for a class of people.

The idea behind making Google was clear and that is "having all internet links under one umbrella" and Google does this easily.

People want to explore the internet and Google provides them the ability to do so with having a videos platform and other great services such as Google domains and Google forms.

They have all the tools and services which any person will need in any situation happens online.
Google is not just a search engine, its a plethora of free services

Google team always try to expand their business

Google is the one and only company who loves to try new things and compete with others.

For an example Google is trying to have a hardware business with launching of Pixel smartphone.


After Nexus Google is here to bring a all-powered-Google smartphone with exclusive features like other successful brands have such as HD cameras and Finger-lock technology.

They always think about future and creates the best things like Pixel smartphone as you can see it's a powerful and most amazing smartphone ever having all the features we want to use in a smartphone.

Branding Strategy: To launch new services or providing new things to already trusted customers can lead your brand awareness to its peaks.

Google don't stop to add new products in its store and new service for online users.

All they is to expand their business and make their brand strong.

For an example: Imagine that you are a finance company and what you are offering to your customers? just car finance?

What if you provide them their finance services for their phones to their home and office? People will love your company.

Final words:

I have tried my best to provide you the details about Google's branding strategy and how they got success in making Google a perfect brand with its own unique name and style.

Its all because of people who trust Google enough and Google do its best to have people's trust with company.

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