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Facebook Marketing Tools: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Today my first ad for AllBlogThings (ABT) is sold and I am very happy with it, because I spend one day on Facebook to market ABT on Facebook and saw good results with high traffic flow and one ad sold out.

Now as I promise I am going to show what exactly I've done to market my blog and you can do to make money or sale your products on Facebook.

This is a complete Facebook marketing tools guide for beginners and professionals can also benefit from this.
Facebook Marketing Tools: A Complete Guide for Beginners
Before telling the marketing strategy read what Facebook really is:
  • 1.13 billion daily active users on average for June 2016
  • Approximately 84.5% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada
You can read more at  Facebook Newsroom they have much information to share with you there.

It means you can target mostly any type of people from any area of the world, because Facebook is the only major social media network which is very old and active since its launch with great user base.

Many professional online marketers decide to don't use Facebook as their marketing tool and that's why they were fired from their so called 7-figures jobs.

They can't find the potential hidden in Facebook's funnel which can market products like a skyrocket and many newbies in marketing are doing wonders just by using their Facebook accounts.

Whatever, read below to know how you can easily market any business on Facebook by using its best marketing tools.

Lemme clear some misconceptions about Facebook

Many people think different about Facebook as you, like an old man thinks that Facebook is only for fun and nothing else and a young girl thinks that Facebook is just for friendship and nothing else.

Let the stats speak:

What type of audience is on Facebook?
However, you can have any age group as your target, there are many profiles with 50 to 65 years old women/men.

Don't forget: the person who have internet connection will definitely have an account on Facebook and he/she at least use that account twice a day.

Basically targeting on Facebook is easy and it gives you the one way to market your brand to all world.

Is Facebook only a social network?
  • Well, it started to be a social network only for students and it is great at this

What Facebook is really is?

You probably don not know that Facebook is a serious business, it converts, it works and it makes you rich.

You can use Facebook as you want it to be used for you business, for an example see Facebook's top tools and their features to kick-start your marketing.
  1. Facebook Pages
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Ads on Facebook
  4. Apps on Facebook
These four tools are essential and help any marketing strategy work as planned.

Take a quick look at how you can make the most out of these amazing tools from world's largest social media network.

1. Facebook Pages

This is the first step to launch your business, service or product on Facebook.

People are getting good gold out of this Facebook feature, you can start a page without paying a penny and almost any type of page can be created on Facebook from Business, Public figure and Website to Sports team.

Well, even porn-stars are making money using Facebook pages and marketing their services.

Read why it's better to have a page instead of a Facebook profile:
  • You don't have to accept friend requests, people can follow you without asking you to accept them
  • You can have millions of fans and with profile you are limited to 5,000 friends
  • Users can follow or un-follow your page without un-friending you (it makes the Facebook user to feel
  • like in comfort)
  • You can give access to contributors, advertisers and other team members to manage your Facebook page (it is not possible for a profile)
  • You can show your authority by having good engagement and likes count on your page
  • You can easily boost your page posts and run any contest or giveaway something
  • All pages can have their own custom username as
There are many other benefits of having a Facebook page, that I will discuss in next article for now read below.

As big brands do, you can have leads using Facebook page of your product and running ads by boosting posts on your page for an example checkout Qmobile's Facebook page do comment on their latest post and they'll reply to your comment (it increases their engagement for page and trust for brand).

Go ahead and start creating your Facebook page. They also have a Facebook pages manager app for handy devices to manage your pages on the go.

2. Facebook Groups

A way to organize community with the name of your brand, you create a group for free just like you've created your page in 1st step.
Creatiang a facebook group screen shot
Groups can be beneficial to many brands such as Apple and Starbucks as people love to share their feelings in groups where they can connect with other like-minded people (it helps to to market your brand for free).

There are 3 types of Facebook groups which are possible to do good:
  1. Friends & Family: Your own family and friends group with secret group feature.
  2. Teams: Your own team's group with closed group feature so you can interact with only team members.
  3. Topics & Interests: Key topics and other things group with open group feature to have more audience in your group.
Check benefits of having a group on Facebook:
  • Create an umbrella of your brand and gather fans
  • Add any person as a group member without asking and without their permission (you've to have that user in a facebook profile as your friend)
  • Interact with your loyal fan base and ask question to renovate your brand
  • People can share their experience and thoughts about your brand by posting in Facebook group
If you don't start your own group then there will be many disadvantage to you such as:
  • Your loyal fans will start creating groups with your name
  • Many of your competitors will use their employes profiles to create groups with your name and misguide your costumers
  • You can lose your opportunity to talk directly to your costumers
So! Its better to have a all new and your own branded Facebook group where you can hire a admin to interact with your group users and guide them to the right path.

Lets create your branded Facebook group.

3. Ads on Facebook

Facebook ads is another great tool to get your targeted audience know about you and your latest offers.

For an example you can run campaigns on Facebook by spending $$ and you can target almost any type of audience such as
  1. From male to female (an opportunity to target costumers on gender base as for many brands it makes a difference)
  2. London to Australia, it means you can select an area for your ad to appear (you can do it with free tools as well)
  3. From any age, yes you can target your costumers based on their age and how old they are.
Mostly the age based targeting works great and converts more then you think to global advertising

Check below that how is using Facebook ads to make their market place standout, and also check red-lines for a good call-to-action strategy of Facebook. ads on Facebook example
Mostly the age based targeting works great and converts more than you think to global advertising, only one thing you've to know that what age group is your customer base.
  • For an example: You are a old house owner or manager, what age group you'll target?
Probably you'll target young audience between 25 to 35 years of age as they tend to find a good old house for their parents or grand-parents. (no offense this is just an example)

Same goes to gender filter at Facebook ads, you can market your product to your selected gender.
  • For an example: You are a Bra shop owner or an online Bra shop owner, what gender you'll target?
In my opinion you can get more costumers by targeting females and in the age of 15 to 25 as they tend to make their (these type of) purchases as a secret.

Another example for right targeting that lets assume that you are club owner (any club such as dance or beer) what age group and gender you'll target?

For age group you can target 20 to 35 and for gender it is better to target both.

Facebook also provides the opportunity to boost your already viral posts and new too, you can target audience on Facebook to visit your website, like your page, get an offer or install an app.

On Facebook you can also run video ads as you can do on YouTube and Television. They also do best as Facebook tells us that:
Video ads have a 25 percent lower CPA (cost per action) than link ads and a 175 percent return on ad spend. - F8 conference in April

4. Apps on Facebook

Don't forget Candy Crush!!

You can create your own apps at Facebook and tease users to play for you.

Candy Crush is an example of doing business using Facebook apps feature.

The best thing is Facebook users love to use apps that tell them some fake stats and things such as when they'll die and how they will look in their funeral.

There is a group of Facebook user who love to play games and invite other for getting more points in the game.

With this feature you can do wonders and key things such as:
  • Create Facebook login for your website
  • Create custom fb-sharing buttons for your blog/site
  • Create Games
  • Do more with Facebook App Ads
And there are many other benefits of using fb-apps as your marketing strategy such as showing your latest fb-posts to your blog visitors and asking them to like your page by showing a widget provided by Facebook apps feature.


That's all for now!

These are the best ever tools for marketing made by Facebook and they works great enough.

I recommend you to start with Facebook pages and upload your branded cover photo, logo in featured photo and make use of pin-posting option.

Don't advertise your page in starting and don't even dare to boost posts in starting level at Facebook pages.

Do start spending money on Facebook ads whenever you have a great discounted deal or an offer for a limited time.

When you create your first Facebook page, invite your friends to like it and after having 1K or 3K likes you can start boosting posts or advertising the page to get more targeted audience.

Thanks for reading!

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