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What Is Branding - The Basics of Branding + Categories

Hello to the online world, welcome to my blog and read this fresh article all about branding.

As I've revealed the basic topic of this personal blog at my about page.

You can now read about the basics of branding and learn about categories of branding.

In this article:

I'll try to ensure that you gain good knowledge about all things branding your business or any thing you want to brand.
What Is Branding - The Basics of Branding + Categories
As you may already know: I started this personal blog to brand my self and not just that, I also wants to help others easily climb mountains of success.

What is branding

A process of establishing awareness in customer's mind that the brand is trustworthy and good in quality by comparing to other products in market.

Marketers do the branding for getting more loyal customers and creating good image of brand in the market where many other brands are doing great.

A brand is a product which any company owns and branding is a marketing strategy for that brand to stand out from crowd of other relative brands.

Branding is something marketers do to change reputation of a company or brand/product by spending on advertisements and other things like a good and different design, slogan and logo.

For an example:

Do check how Google and Ferrari is doing the branding.
  1. Google is using a multicolored logo and its different from all other search engines
  2. Ferrari is doing great and when we talk about branding points its on number 1 by having a great monogram
Likewise, there are many good brands in the online/offline marketplace such as OLX and iPhone by Apple.

They were clever when they choose to brand their company and products with a different approach and some of them got success in branding their products professionally.

Definition of branding

Branding is a process to put trust on loyal customers and to find more customers through advertising, creating out-standing logos or brand themes to make good impact of your brand's presence in market.

There are some key elements to keep in mind while creating branding campaigns:
  1. Unique Name
  2. Attractive Logo
  3. Brilliant Slogan
  4. Basic Color
and if you want to take online market seriously for your business, or you are ready to launch your product through internet.

You should cover these elements:
  • A perfectly designed website
  • Social media profiles/pages with any versatile hashtag
  • Watermark on social media and website posting images (watermark using transparent image of your logo)
So! Now I think you got the idea about what is branding and the definitions with meanings.

The basics of branding

Broadness and comprehensive approach to loyal customers called the branding in a workable manner.

Brandy things can be good or bad, whoever you've to brand your product before launching and after having some sales.

As you can see the drinks-companies spend thousands on daily basis for advertising using different methods such as TV commercials, banners, schemes and other.

Why they spend much on advertising their one drink?

Because they have to compete with other drink making companies and in many cases people love to drink heavily advertised drinks.

In my case, I love to drink soda or energy drink which is amazingly advertised over roads and have their mention-points on shops.
Because I am also a simple human and I love to do things which are trendy.
And the basics of branding are: Trying to make a brand's name trend in the marketplace and offering different opportunity to costumers so they stick to your brand or product.

Categories of branding

To get a sort-idea out of branding categories, I have arranged six categories and these are:
  1. Combination branding
  2. Corporate branding
  3. Manufacturer branding
  4. Individual branding
  5. 360 degree branding
  6. Personal branding
Read them in a in-depth manners so you can get ideas about different branding strategies and categories.

Combination branding: Way to get people aware of original company and it's brand, for an example see how Microsoft is branding its OS (operating system) with their company name using "Microsoft Windows".

Corporate branding: This is basically a way to try a new product's luck by presenting that product with already established and high authority company name, so the product will gets the opportunity to sky rocket from market.

Manufacturer branding: This is something most of the successful companies are doing right now, and its basically a way to get loyal or new costumers stay with company as in this strategy manufacturers of different products try to brand goods with company's name like "Gucci" is doing.

Individual branding: In this category of branding strategies companies use to brand their one or more products by planning a whole different way such as Samsung is doing with its brand Galaxy smartphones.

360 degree branding: By 360 degree its something marketers and companies of all products have to do in wider thoughts, like if you are ready to launch your next product - first try billboards on roads and do advertise online with having all options checked and covering product from all angles.

Personal branding: Begging is not good, well in self or personal branding you may feel it worthy. This is a trendy category and its worth a try, because if you can get success in this - then you can launch any product to make a fortune.


Don't know what to do for branding your business, product or services?

Don't worry!!

I am here to provide you what you need to have your brand a good image and a different name in your selected marketplace with good standing.

You can ask anything using comments form below.

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