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Foolproof List of Branding Materials with Examples

After publishing all about branding with basic information to make sure that you know what is branding and its categories.

Here I come to give you some foolproof and reliable branding materials examples, so you can easily know that where you've to spend money.

Brand awareness is only thing to do more in any market whether their is though competition or not.

Some companies have money to spend on advertisement for branding but they don't have idea to get more exposure, that's why I am here (and that's why I started this blog) to give the advertising managers an idea for their great companies.
Foolproof List of Branding Materials with Examples
The importance of branding and benefits are beyond our imaginations, most of the successful brand/products in today's market are really rely on heavy advertising campaigns.
Lower your head to show respect and read below to lower your expenses on advertising for good marketing on different branding materials.

Places to put your logo for easy branding

Online world:

First I would love to talk about marketing your brand using online methods and it's very easy if you know how to operate computer with internet.

Opportunities on internet to use for putting your company's logo:
  1. Website
  2. Social Media Networks
  3. Outreach

1. Website:

Website: On your official website or blog you can put your product's art/logo on header of site, favicon and in content.
On your official website or blog you can put your product's art/logo
For example: You can see how I am doing this on this page and do it yourself to brand your idea in an easy way.

2. Social media networks:

Social media networks: There so many social media apps and networks available for free with wider audience and millions of user base.

For example: Use Twitter, Facebook and all other social medias for branding your product or services by putting link to your website and uploading your own unique logo.

3. Outreach:

Outreach: Reachout to your targeted audience and have them know you are also in the same market were they are doing great.

For example: You can use Email, Guest posting and commenting opportunities to reach your targeted customers in a low cost (free of cost) way.

Offline world:

All people of the world are not online every time you decided to spend on branding, that's why should consider spend your money and time more at offline areas.

Personally I suggest you on my personal experiences "Put more energy advertising your business offline" it lasts for long time and people love to see offline ads as they get bored with online advertising.

Not for all, many companies like Facebook and Godaddy can have great deals just by advertising online 'because they work just for internet'.

What about other businesses?
Online advertising is good thing but offline is great!
Where you can put your ads for offline branding?
  1. Apparel
  2. Business Cards
  3. Daily Use Items
  4. Office Decor
  5. Billboards 
  6. On People
  7. Vehicles

1. Apparel:

Apparel: It's something we all can do for our branding strategy to standout from crowd.

We can have our branding ideas on shirts, t-shirts, coats, jeans, under-wears, jackets, blankets and all other goods.
a very hot and good looking girl showing her big boobs (under shirt)
For an example: You can give branded (your logo or design printed) apparels to your team of workers at office and at public events.

You can also give your branded goods to public and/or loyal customers for more exposure and trustworthy.

2. Business Cards:

Business cards : This is a historical method for branding your business, services and yourself too.

You can have your contact information, logo, slogan (tag line) and whatever you want with a professional design.

All professionals do this method in a very first stage of starting a campaign on branding/marketing any product.
You can also have your logo on slips and other documents you can use for your business.

3. Daily Use Items:

You know what are some daily use items you can use for branding?

If not then read this line: Mugs, Bottles, Bags and mobile covers with all others you can think of.

You can also gift/giveaway mugs and other printed material to your loyal customers or by holding a quiz.

4. Office Decor:

Office Decor: Lug your branding strategy with you at your office and decor.

It's a great way to showcase your beautiful marketing idea to your office visitors.

In many cases this strategy can't work. For an example:

If you are a company which is visited by many customers on daily basis or you are a government organization who works for many people and they visit your office on daily to weekly basis then this idea will work great for you.

5. Billboards:

Billboards: Beyond limits!

Yes you can go beyond limits with this great advertising method used by almost all the big and small companies to develop awareness about their brands.

Many startups and companies do billboard advertising to get more exposure and leads by placing launching or logoed ads on billboards at road, on buildings, bus stops and anywhere we can think a billboard can be placed.

The main thing in this type of advertising for branding and getting customers is a clear call-to-action plan.

See an example of a clear call-to-action idea for your next billboard:

Naked Waitresses Flirt With You

6. On People:

On people: Many companies do this with a twist of "Super Bowl ads and Godaddy" is one of them.

You can see a live example of how Godaddy uses women-assets to get more eye-balls on their ads:
Beautiful girl having 'GET NOTICED!' on her chest for Godaddy
This is just an example of how you can use people (especially female body) to advertise your brand.

Most of the great companies do relate SEX with advertisements to catch the hot perks.

See an example of Samsung ad for getting more views on their strategic branding idea with a clean ad:
Samsung ads featuring a naked girl doing yoga
Many companies include sexuality in their ads to get attention of more people, as people love to see, watch or hear about sexual content.

However too much worse can be illegal for many countries.

7. Vehicles:

Vehicles: This is called the future of branding with mobile advertising.

In this category of creating ads for branding your business is you can print your logo, slogan, website address, phone numbers or any other thing on a vehicle, so people will see your brand wherever that vehicle drives.

Here is a list of some transporting items to put your ads on:
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Bikes
  • Rickshaws
It is a worthy and amazingly powerful advertising method.

8. Promotional Items:

Promotional Items: This is a common strategy which most of the big players do to brand their products for a long time run.

Some promotional items are:
  • Pens
  • USBs
  • Phone Covers
  • Shopping bags
And others you can think such as Key-chains and wallets.


This is what I know and I can search about on the topic of "Foolproof List of Branding Materials with Examples".

If you want more then keep visiting this blog of mine and do subscribe to get high quality branding strategies for free.

As you all know branding is everything for this world and all you've to do is branding to succeed in any type of business.

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